Creative, creativity is always incorporated into part of life.

It seems like a luxury item, but there is design everywhere. Clothing, shelter and living, nothing can exist without design. 1c is not limited to commercial designs such as advertisements and campaigns, but more onto Branding and every creation what you want, what you need. We can provide services such as solving problems on making it more convenient, creating a good environment, and contribute to society .

1c is a creative office. That is why there is no limit to what we  can produce. 1c is  whom can deal with everything visual information to marketing ideas, brand development.




1c は広告やキャンペーンのような商業デザインに限らず、分野に関わらず困っている事を解決する、もっと便利にする、良い環境を作る、等のすべてものもに対してサービスを提供できるブランディングとクリエイティブの事務所です。